By Joshua Kulseth - Charleston, South Carolina, USA - 15 May 2016



Praise the wept for sins
Taken out with the tide;
And the lived for good, when
contrition doesn’t lie.


Praise for God, who holds in
Good favor the sinner.
Praise best what we love when
grace begins to stir,


And moving raises the mind
To places base as fire;
higher than the wind;
Ornate as glass, and bare


As rain that falls on fields.
Praise for the breathed Spirit --
The power that wields
In the beauty and the wit


That beckons from a soul
Conceded all to it.
Praise for the constant toll-
Resounding conscience that


Bends finally its ear,
And bending eases the wrath
Of God. Praise for the years
Of trudging on the path


Unyielding and true.
Praise for the Son: the Word
That teaches a heart to plow
The garden of the Lord


In the farming of a verse;
Gracious free heart of man
Redeemed from the curse
According to His plan.


Praise, praise the loveliness
Of God, in his angels
And his saints. Praise, praise,
And ring loud the heart’s bells.