Bingo Night

By Joseph P. Castorino - Scottsdale, Arizona, USA - 20 November 2017



It was Thanksgiving evening, and the lamps

Glowed cheerfully in the cozy house;

Though the clean little home was modest,

It was filled with the sweet scent of love.


We were all stuffed with good food, and

Ready for some post-meal entertainment;

So the time had come for everyone in the

Family to engage in some competitive fun.


Our very alert ears quickly snatched the

Numbers out of the air, one by one;

Then our fingers excitedly placed the

Small black discs on the bingo cards.


Aunt Therese felt sorry for me, a young boy,

Because I was terribly saddened by losing;

So winking with a smiling old eye, she

Pushed her stack of pennies into mine..